The ATH-WS990BT Solid Bass Headphones uses large 53 mm Deep Motion Hi-Res Audio Drivers, designed exclusively with an ultra-powerful magnetic circuit, dual aluminium housing and extra airflow-bass venting to optimize air damping for transparent and massive bass sound.

Deeper bass in wireless. Ø 53 mm “Deep motion” driver installed.
2 layered earpad (PAT.P).
Adopted a unique ear pad structure with two layers of cushioning materials with different hardness.
Noise cancelling function.
It is a natural noise cancelling space created from an optimal positional relationship between pickup microphones and pickup holes, and it can enjoy more low-resolution expression with excellent resolution.
Hear-through function that allows you to check the surrounding sound without removing headphones from your ear.
While listening outdoors, this function can focus on human voice and capture external sound. While reducing noise, you can use it when you want to check trains, buses, train stations, airports, announcements and conversations.
Long wireless listening for about 30 hours is realized (when only Bluetooth is used).
Easy operation of music/movies, calls at the ear.
Swivel mechanism convenient to carry.
Corresponds to the high-resolution sound source by the wired connection.
※ High-resolution quality reproduction only when wired. During Bluetooth playback, it is converted to aptX / AAC / SBC codec.
※ Bluetooth word mark and logo are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., Audio Technica Inc. uses this mark based on the license. Other trademarks and trade names shall be attributed to individual owners.
※ This product can be used only in countries where conformity or certification of the radio law of each country is acquired. Can not be used outside the selling country.

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