Inspired by the colours and sweetness of juices/drinks that accompany us everyday, “JUICY” ATH- J100 wants to bring you sweet-sounding music wherever you go. These entry-class earphones offer delicious sound quality with new 13.5mm drivers, giving users enjoyable fresh feelings with good balance of low, mid and high frequency audio.

Weighing only 5 grams, the ATH-J100 is super lightweight. Its smaller body, 15.8mm diameter instead of usual size of 17mm – 18mm, also makes it more comfortable especially for Asian and ladies ear sizes

The brilliantlly coloured earphones comes in 6 refreshing colours, that mimics green apple, pink lemonade, and cranberry.

Delicious sound quality with new 13.5mm drivers
Lightweight, comfy fit
Refreshingly cool glass inspired design
1.2m cord with L-shaped plug ideal for portable players

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